Electronic Circuit Design

Qtron has extensive experience in the design and development of electronic circuits. Using the latest industry standard CAD tools, Qtron provides the engineering expertise to create designs for a range of digital and analogue applications, including :

  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Embedded Microcontrollers
  • Digital and Internet Appliances
  • FPGAs
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Gaming Systems
  • OEM Module Integration

Please have a browse through our design portfolio that illustrates the designs we have previously completed.

PCB Design and Layout

Qtron’s team of engineers are highly experienced in the layout of complex, multi-layer, high-density circuit boards. Using the latest computer aided design tools, boards are designed to meet the abilities of PCB fabrication facilities both locally and off-shore. Utilising the latest 3D modelling tools, the board design is rendered into a 3D model that includes all components and connectors, long before the design is shipped for production. These models are then integrated and verified with the mechanical design to validate the design does not interfere with other product parts before investing into a costly PCB production run.

Compliance Engineering

Qtron works with a number of local and international compliance bodies to verify design compliance in regard to Australia and International requirements. We manage the entire compliance process, and ensure that all the required safety, hazardous substance, and emission standards have satisfied. Qtron follows a disciplined approach to electronic design, ensuring that the compliance requirements of all new designs are identified early and catered for from the design outset.

Production Engineering

The Qtron team understands production. From low volume prototypes, through to high volume mass production, our production engineers work with a range of local and international contract manufacturers to best deliver any size production run. Qtron creates manufacturing and test packages that provides everything a manufacturer requires for the procurement, assembly, program, test, and QA of a production run. Our staff closely monitors yield and QA issues during the production process, and can be regularly seen on the production floor monitoring and looking for ways to further optimise the production process for a particular product.

Embedded Software Programming

Qtron’s team of embedded software developers know how to target software code for a range of targets, including :

  • 8-bit controllers ( Atmel AVR, 8051, 68000, Microchip PIC, Texas Instruments MSP, etc … )
  • 32-bit application processors ( Atmel AVR32, ARM 7, ARM 9, ARM Cortex M3, etc … )
  • FPGA Cores ( Altera Excalbur / Nios Core , etc … )
  • Digital Signal Processors

While most applications are coded in ANSI-C, C++, and Assembly, Qtron has experience in a range of other languages for those applications with web and database services. ( PHP, HTML, SQL, Java, C#,, etc … )

Embedded Operating System Staging and Programming

Many embedded devices and systems today now operate with complete operating system such as Linux, Android, and Windows Embedded/Mobile. Qtron software team specialises in the creation and support of board support packages (BSP) for these embedded devices, including device driver and kernel customisations. Qtron has a range of established tools for build management and high level application frameworks for the target application.

Server and Desktop Application Development

Many distributed embedded systems rely on robust 24 hour backend applications for the purposes of monitoring, desktop frontend GUIs, event transactions, configuring, and firmware updates. The Qtron software team has many years experience in the development and on-going maintenance of these critical software applications.

Project Management

All Qtron projects follow a well established project management lifecycle, underpinned by experienced and qualified PRINCE2 practitioners. We manage all aspects of product development, including 3rd party industrial designers, mechanical engineers, compliance authorities, contract manufacturers, test laboratories, and quality assurance personnel. We ensure that all projects have a single point of authority that provides concise, clear, and consistent project reporting to assist in the mitigation of all project risks and issues.